How to style your Halo tee for Valentine's Day!

How to style your Halo tee for Valentine's Day!

Whether it's themed days at the office, a night out with the girls, Valentine's Day parties for your kids' schools, or you're the teacher throwing the party; we've got you covered! There's a Halo tee for nearly every occasion. It's simple, it's cute, it's classy; and guess what? It's actually comfortable. Beauty is only pain if you make it that way, so we're here to make it easier with a few outfits of our own! 

1. A Night Out With The Girls

Unfortunately, for all of us adults, "a night out with the girls" rarely means messy bun, leggings, and oversized sweatshirts. A more appropriate translation would actually be: "please look presentable because we're definitely going to take pictures and they will most likely end up on the internet". If we're being honest, we've all misinterpreted that one and deeply regretted it later, but don't worry, we've got an easy fix for you! Your favorite Halo tee with a cute sweater or jacket, jeans, and earrings make an easy outfit for a night out. Pro tip: if you don't want to wash your hair, throw on a wide brim hat for added accessorizing and an excuse to not wash your hair!


2. A Themed Day At the Office

An excuse to wear a t-shirt? Count us in! If you're office has the luxury of offering themed dress up days as an excuse to dress it down for once, then take full advantage! A colorful Halo tee with a blazer and tucked into nice jeans or slacks is a simple, but classy solution. Throw on some jewelry, grab an iced coffee, and go win the day! 

3. School Classroom Parties

Win "Mom of the Year" award instantly with a matching Mom & Daughter tee for the occasion! In no time, you'll be dressed, she'll be dressed, and you'll both be out the door and on your way. Not only will her teacher be impressed, but you'll be impressed by how much smoother the morning goes when you don't have to think through outfits. Throw on some leggings, put your hair in a claw clip, grab a size too big tee, a cute shacket or jean jacket, and some lip gloss for an easy, but cute hack to the day. 

4. The Heroes We Don't Deserve

Teachers, this one is for you! We couldn't leave you out, because if we did, we probably wouldn't survive without you. Need a professional outfit that's comfortable, fun, and the perfect spot of color to brighten someone's day? 
Consider it done! Try a themed tee with a midi skirt and maybe add a turtleneck for layers! Maybe try a flowy dress, a neutral cardigan, and a comfortable tee with a hat, because dry shampoo can only go so far. Am I right or am I right? You know what the best part is? Flat shoes are so easy to pair with these options! Throw on some combat boots or white sneakers for a long day. 


Whatever the occasion, we have something for you! Every day can be a Halo tee kind of day if you know how to style it. Stay up to date and in the loop on all things Halo Brand by following us on Facebook (Halo Brand) & Instagram (@halo.brand)!


-Brandi Payne