But If Not, He is Still Good {light olive}

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Daniel 3 is a chapter that teaches us of how Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were about to be thrown into a furnace to burn to death. If this were most of us, we would be in a state of panic and tears. We'd most likely be incapable of functioning, and begging God to get us out of the situation.

But instead of panicking and begging, these men had the utmost confidence in God. They knew that if it was God’s purpose, He would deliver them and save them from this mess. They trusted him to do so – but their faith didn’t stop there! These men also trusted God enough to say, “even if He doesn’t save us from this, we will still serve him.” They knew that their God was right and holy, and if He chose to leave them in the situation, they trusted that He knew what he was doing. Their trust in Him was not conditional. 

Unisex sized, 100% soft, ring spun cotton (true to size) - available XS-3X 

{light olive tee with ivory design}