Oh How He Loves Us

Oh How He Loves Us

We hear about God’s love and because we believe the Bible, we know His word to be true. Sure, there are times when we may question how God could love us with all that we do that goes against His will for us. We are reflecting on our own selves.

Yes, we may fail daily, but the beauty of a relationship through Christ is that just because we fall short, doesn’t mean God turns His back on us. So when those negative, human thoughts try to creep in and make us fixate on what we are bringing to the table, let’s focus instead on His promises and what He has done. 

Romans Chapter 5 reminds us that trials help us build endurance which ultimately points back to the hope that comes with salvation. Through this hope, God gave us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with His love (v.5). 

Jesus came to die for each and every one of us. He took on our sin and shame and covered it with His precious blood. When we believe and accept this gift, God no longer sees us in our sinfulness. He sees Jesus. He sees the love given for us.

We must then do our part to live a life according to His purpose. We have to turn away from our sinful behavior and live a life glorifying to God. But even when we mess up again, take heart, friend, because He loves us. Oh how He loves you and me.